The Open Extended Services Bus

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OpenESB is an intelligent infrastructure for (micro)service designed to implement application of integration and platform of services. It organises and simplifies the communication between and the coordination of independent (micro)services. OpenESB offers simple and graphics tools to define, orchestrate, compose your (micro)services. OpenESB demonstrates performances, reliability, scalability for critical missions in large companies and governmental organisations in many domains such as bank, logistic, retail, healthcare, education.

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Java Business Integration 

OpenESB is based on this specification and a good JBI understanding is needed for developers and architects who want to dive into the product.


Many videos have been published on the web.We do our best to collected and list  the most accurate of them in this page.

Legacy documentation

Many papers and documentation on OpenESB have been written by Sun Microsystems. Now, Oracle has own the copyrights on these documents. They are very helpful and can be used as reference for a first approach of OpenESB.